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Broil King 66009 Deluxe Universal Rotisserie Kit (Detailed Honest Review)

Broil King 66009 Deluxe Universal Rotisserie Kit
Broil King 66009 Deluxe Universal Rotisserie Kit

Searching for the right rotisserie kit for your Broil King, Broil-Mate, Sterling, Grillpro, or basically any grill? You might have come to the right place. The Broil King 66009 is a heavy-duty 39 ½ inch universal rotisserie kit that could tackle your usual rotisserie cooking needs.

With a 33 ½ inch rotisserie spit rod, you can fit in 2 whole chickens at the same time with ease. It also includes a 6-inch extension for the rod if necessary; it definitely takes off the worry of having rotisserie kits shorter than needed. With universal/OEM brackets this fits to most grills but you can always check if your grill is compatible right at Amazon!


The construction is stainless steel which makes for a very solid build that can last for years to come. Setting it up also isn’t hard with the 2 different included instructions where one is for a Broil King grill and the other one for universal installation for most grills. After the installation, it feels sturdy and well-built.


One of the things to consider when putting on the meat on the rotisserie spit rod is to balance the weight for it not to wiggle around and for it to turn properly and evenly cook all around. With the included balancing kit, you can easily make this easier. Though. The counter-balancing kit is not fit for anything too unbalanced such as large chickens. That’s why you have to make sure the balance of the meat itself should be centered properly and let the counterbalancing kit do the rest.

Cooking 2 whole chickens, 1 normal-sized turkey, and other large cuts of meat such as pork tenderloins, with this rotisserie kit, was smooth. The motor was capable enough to turn around an approximate 15-20 pounds before you must have to evenly distribute the weight on the rod in itself and with the help of the counterbalancing kits. The results of these rotisseries were very satisfactory to many users; the rotisserie chickens came out evenly cooked while leaving a crispy exterior and tender interior.

A tip when rotisserie cooking different kinds of meat is to make sure you balanced it very well and ready the thermometer at all times to consistently monitor the meat’s temperature.


Out of the box, it includes the motor, counterbalancing kit, universal/OEM brackets, the 33 ½ inch rotisserie spit rod, 6-inch extension for the rod, and 2 four-pronged rotisserie forks.


The overall cleaning experience was actually quite easy with the help of hot water, soap, and a scrub sponge. Removing the grates whenever necessary also helps to keep it clean depending on the grill model you currently have.


The common problem with this rotisserie kit is a defective motor. As with other products with the possibility of a defective unit or part, make sure to immediately use the rotisserie kit upon receiving it to efficiently use the included 30-day return policy by Amazon of the 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer.


The manufacturer, Broil King, includes a 1-year warranty on their rotisserie kits.


This rotisserie kit is perfectly made for most grills, especially for Broil King, Broil-Mate, Sterling, and Grillpro grills and you can always check out your grill’s compatibility conveniently right at Amazon! If you’re looking for a heavy-duty rotisserie kit, only planning to rotisserie less than 20 pounds, and most especially if you have those mentioned grill brands, this could be the right rotisserie kit just for you!