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Char-Broil Universal Rotisserie Kit (Detailed Honest Review)

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Char-Broil Universal Rotisserie Kit
Char-Broil Universal Rotisserie Kit

If you’re looking for a universal rotisserie kit that does the job pretty well and has been used and tested by many users which had lasted after so many uses, you might want to consider the Char-Boil Universal Rotisserie Kit.

With overall dimensions of 28.35 x 3.54 x 4.57 inches (L x W x H), it has a 26.5-inch rotisserie spit rod which has been used by users to fit in 2 whole chickens or other large cuts of meat up to 15 pounds! With its own respectable brand, it can be used with most Char-Boil Infrared Grills and fits most 2 to 6 burner grills of other brands.


The rotisserie spit rod, the rotisserie forks, and other accessories aside from the motor are mostly made from stainless steel. The motor itself is constructed with a plastic enclosure and is rated at 4 watts. Overall, with regular rotisserie cooking use, and after tens and hundreds of uses from multiple user experience, it has stood its ground for being durable.


Setting it up it was quick and easy with included bag of multiple parts to fit in almost any grill on the market but do note that the cord is only 1 foot long so you might need an extension cord for this one. The clearance between the rod and the grill might also be considered as it could be less than what you expect, with some users having to remove the grills to clear up some space. This is mostly due it is a universal rotisserie kit.

The rotisserie cooking on it was smooth and as what you expect. It can comfortably fit in 2 small-sized chickens, 1 large-sized bird, or any other cuts of meat such as ribs and loins. Users have used it to turn weights up to 4.5 pounds. Char-Boil claims that this is able to support up to 15 pounds of meat! The 4-watt motor worked great and didn’t show any signs of struggle turning that much weight.

Advertised to fit most 2 to 6 burner grills, be reminded of its original dimensions as it may be installed on your 6-burner grills, but it might definitely be smaller than you plan on cooking on it.


Out of the box, it contains the motor, rotisserie spit rod, rotisserie forks, and a bag of parts (including the universal brackets) which contains a variety of parts to be chosen from to fit perfectly with your current rotisserie grill.


The cleaning experience is above average, similar to any other rotisserie kits in the market that are stainless steel, which takes quite some time with the number of parts being used during the rotisserie cooking process. Though, the stainless steel material helps up in the cleaning a lot.


Do note not to use this rotisserie kit for any other cooking purposes that concern temperatures higher than what you would use for rotisserie cooking. If ignored, some of the plastic parts might soften or even which can cause damage to your rotisserie kit.

After receiving the item, make sure to immediately test the item to find out its status, even defects if any. This is so that you can make full use of the warranty included if ever need be.


It includes a 1-year warranty and an Amazon only returns for 30 days.


If you’re who’s looking for an easy to set up rotisserie kit that fits on most grills on the market, gets the job done and well, and, most of all, is cheap compared to other models but is mostly built with durable and long-lasting stainless steel material, and has been tested by many users, then this is the rotisserie kit you should seriously consider.