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GoWise 12.7 Quart Rotisserie Electric Oven Air Fryer Dehydrator (Detailed Honest Review)

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The GoWise 12.7 Quart Rotisserie Electric Oven Air Fryer Dehydrator
The GoWise 12.7 Quart Rotisserie Electric Oven Air Fryer Dehydrator

This is a good example of a relatively cheap multifunction electric oven that can handle can not only handle Rotisserie but also other functions such as frying and toasting. This is great if you want to experience Rotisserie as a beginner.

With 12.7 quarts of cooking space, you can fill this up with 1.5 lbs. of French fries, 5 lbs. of chicken, 8 inches round cake or pizza, 18 chicken wings, or of similar food volumes! But if you’re looking to fit larger sizes of pizza or a whole turkey, this might not be it.


The stainless steel construction doesn’t only make it a solid and quality build but also enables users to easily clean up and remove the stains. It even comes along with a non-stick drip pan to make cleaning easier. It weighs in at 18.52 lbs. and has a power rate of 1600 Watts.


The control panel is very easy to use. It already has 15 pre-set controls which take off the worry of guessing of cooking times and temperatures of your chosen Rotisserie recipe or basically any recipe, especially frying, that this multifunction Rotisserie Electric Oven Air Fryer can deal with.


Cooking with the GoWise 12.7 Quart Rotisserie Electric Oven Air Fryer Dehydrator
Cooking with the GoWise 12.7 Quart Rotisserie Electric Oven Air Fryer Dehydrator

Rotisserie-wise, it makes quite a snug fit for a whole chicken for rotisserie which makes it perfect for small whole chickens such as Cornish hens and with many of the included accessories and attachments, it makes your Rotisserie experience much more convenient and versatile! Overall, it gets the job done and definitely makes better rotisserie chickens compared to the ones you get from supermarkets!

Cooking experience-wise, vegetables came out crisp and meat, such as the pork kebabs tried, came out moist and juicy. For frozen pizzas, it has to be cut in half to properly fit in the shelf.


It already comes along with Rotisserie Spit Rod, Rotisserie Fork, Skewer Rotisserie, Rotisserie Cage, Rotisserie Flat Basket / Steak Cage, and Rotisserie Tongs.

In addition to the Rotisserie Accessories and Attachments aforementioned, it includes a drip pan, shallow mesh baskets, and two mesh trays. It even comes along with a handy cookbook with 50 recipes so that you can totally maximize the functions this Rotisserie Electric Oven can handle!


From many users, it has been rated to be very easy to clean and as a plus, the removable accessories and parts are dishwasher-safe. A recommendation is to oil spray the racks before use to make it significantly easier to clean afterward. The inside of this rotisserie oven can be easily be cleaned by wiping the stains out.


Note: It requires at least 5 inches of air space so that the ventilation of the air around the Rotisserie Oven can be properly observed. There also have been claims that some pre-set controls need a bit of tweaking if need be to fully cook the food but we haven’t personally experienced such issues


If you’re still not sure, it includes a 1-year warranty and free lifetime support from GoWise USA.


This rotisserie oven is best for rotisserie oven seekers that are quite in a budget, with that many accessories included right with the package, beginner-friendly but still looking for as many functions you can fit in that form factor of a multifunction rotisserie oven!