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Grillin an Chillin GC-50M Manual Outdoor Rotisserie Grill Kit (Detailed Honest Review)

Updated: Mar 29

Grillin an Chillin GC-50M Manual Outdoor Rotisserie Grill Kit

If what you’re looking for is an extremely well-built and solid construction while still having portability in mind, the Grillin an Chillin GC-50M Outdoor Rotisserie is perfect for the job.

With 50 inches of Rotisserie Spit Rod with 2 rotisserie forks out of the box, this outdoor rotisserie can handle roasting small pigs, lambs, goats, or any meat up to 50 pounds! Its design is made for an open fire pit so with its portable and easy-to-setup and operates feature, this rotisserie setup is great from camping trips to your regular backyard roasting.


Made and constructed almost completely out of stainless steel, this rotisserie setup has a solid build with users attesting how sturdy it is. It is also very convenient in the setup and disassembly process that it can perfectly be kept inside its cardboard box after use.


Putting up together the few components was rather easy and straightforward. The 50-inch rotisserie spit rod has bearings installed with food-safe grease for smoother operation. After setting everything up, the rotisserie spit rod can be set into different heights with the highest position being 15 inches off the ground. That way, everything that touches the food is safe, durable, and long-lasting as it will not rust!

With that much rotisserie spit rod, you can basically rotisserie cook a small pig, 2-3 turkeys, or 3-4 chickens at the same time! During use, this can last up to 8 hours nonstop turning and rotisserie cooking with no issue.

The handle of this rotisserie setup has a U-shape pin to insert through the handle disk into the V-block. That said it provides 8 positions. You could also use the other pin to jam it as well to lock the rotisserie spit in place.


Out of the box, the package includes the following:

1x stainless steel 50-inch rotisserie spit rod

2x stainless steel rotisserie forks

2x legs/tripods

1x hand crank mechanism


From user experience, after roasting a couple of pigs and lambs on several occasions, the cleanup can get a bit tedious but it is definitely manageable.


Considering that this rotisserie setup features its portability, it can be easily disassembled and reassembled but you only have the cardboard box with it to travel with. You can also buy the Grillin an Chillin motor, the GC-50 motor, to fit in with this rotisserie spit rod to create a more convenient rotisserie cooking experience!


The included warranty depends on the seller where you brought the rotisserie kit from but Amazon does include free returns within 30 days after purchase.


In a nutshell, this rotisserie setup offers you one of the most durable and long-lasting stainless steel components with easy assembly and disassembly best for camping trips, outdoor backyard open fire roasts, or simply for ease of storage. While its price isn’t the most budget-friendly for one that doesn’t include other components such as a grill, it definitely compensates with the high-quality material this rotisserie setup is made and constructed, ones that will last you for years to come!