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Innsky Air Fryer 10.6 Quarts Rotisserie Oven (Detailed Honest Review)

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The Innsky Air Fryer 10.6 Quarts Rotisserie Oven
The Innsky Air Fryer 10.6 Quarts Rotisserie Oven

Another day, another Rotisserie Oven! The Innsky Air Fryer 10.6 Quarts Rotisserie Oven has overall dimensions of 11.4 “x 14.3” x 14.3” with an interior size of 25.7cm x 23cm x 17.7cm / 10.9” x 9.06” x 6.97” which is equivalent to 10.6QT of volume! With 2 racks/levels, you can fry your French fries on the upper level while having a pizza at the bottom or a whole Rotisserie chicken inside!


Having brushed aluminum and with some plastic parts on the exterior, this Rotisserie Oven has a good modern design take to it. Don’t worry! The plastic parts are BPA-free. It also has a metal interior to make sure there will be no plastic odor in your kitchen.

Having the see-through window is a plus as it enables you to monitor your food being cook in progress and adjust settings as needed. The unit itself weighs in at 17.64 pounds and is rated at 1500 Watts.


Controls and Presets on the Innsky Air Fryer 10.6 Quarts Rotisserie Oven
Controls and Presets on the Innsky Air Fryer 10.6 Quarts Rotisserie Oven

This multifunction oven has 10 pre-set controls for you to choose from which are categorized into Rotisserie, Air fry, bake, grill, roast, toast, and dehydrate. All these options are presented on a touch screen display showing its respective icons, temperature, and timer. It has an automatic shut off feature to prevent overcooking and overheating your dishes!


Cooking experience-wise, the capacity for a chicken for Rotisserie would be about less than 3.5 – 4 pounds. Considering that this Rotisserie Oven does the entire job for you, including pre-heating, the Rotisserie chicken came out with crispy skin and tender flesh – the Rotisserie chicken we all like and love. It cooks relatively faster than conventional ovens.

With the mesh trays, you can have twice the number of chicken wings and Korean barbeque and with the Rotisserie basket, it can also be used for French fries and meatballs and the results came up consistently with lesser oil and well cooked. It also works well with beef ribs!

It heats up in 2-3 minutes and is actually pretty decent both in size and function. Cooking has basically become plug-and-play as you can just choose the available pre-set controls and you’re ready to go!


The package already includes a Rotisserie Spit Rod, Rotisserie Fork, Rotisserie Round Basket, 8 skewers, 2 mesh trays, drip tray, and a removal tool to conveniently and safely take out the removable parts. A recipe book is also included in the bundle to make sure you make the most out of your oven!


Cleaning experience wise compared to the older versions of air fryers where you struggle to clean the baskets every time you use it, this one is very easy to clean. The drip pan does its job well in accumulating the oil drippings and you can take it out and clean it easily. All removable parts are, in fact, dishwasher safe can be dried with hot air!


There are still things to take note of. If you’d prefer, you can put some extra foil on the sides of the bottom tray to prevent grease from splashing onto the interior wall. Another is that there are claims of defective units upon arrival (DOA) but you can immediately contact their support and they can make sure you can settle your case, even sending a replacement unit if needed.


The product includes a 2-year warranty provided by the manufacturer.


With many positive reviews, active customer support, a 2-year warranty offered by the manufacturer, and most of all, a multifunction oven with Rotisserie that gives us delicious meals fast and easy, what’s not to like?