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OneGrill Universal 24-inch Rod Rotisserie Kit (Detailed Honest Review)

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

OneGrill Universal 24-inch Rod Rotisserie Kit
OneGrill Universal 24-inch Rod Rotisserie Kit

If you’re in the market for a rotisserie kit that can be battery operated or plugged and is capable of turning up to no more than 25 pounds, which is rated to last for up to 36 hours in total, perfect for your 2-burner grills or any other grill with a cook box up to 18 inches, this rotisserie kit could definitely help you with that!

With a 24-inch rotisserie spit rod, this rotisserie kit definitely isn’t for long cuts of meat of large-sized turkeys but it’s definitely perfect for your double burner grills and perfect for grilling smaller portions of meat cuts and definitely even 2 regular sized whole chickens!


With a chrome steel build, it sets a decent level of its quality of construction is solid and rigid upon installation. The set-up process was easy and you can install the brackets for having the motor on either side of the grill. Interestingly, this rotisserie kit can both be run by either 2 D-cell batteries or be plugged into an optional power supply 3 volts DC.


The first thing you’ll notice is that because it doesn’t have such a long rotisserie spit rod and that the rotisserie spit rod is capable of 15-25 pounds, which means that it doesn’t bend too much, unlike other longer rotisserie spit rods. The motor included, even if it is battery operated, is fully capable of turning the weight set on the rotisserie spit rod that it’s rated to be.

Rotisserie cooking on this rotisserie kit, even setting it up to be battery operated, works just as well as regular plugged rotisserie kits in the market. The motor was able to turn the large whole chicken set up on the rotisserie spit rod that it was able to cook it evenly well and the results were amazingly delicious.

Though, the taste of the chicken also depends on several other factors and one of which is temperature so make sure to have an internal meat thermometer if you can. It is recommended to always monitor the temperature of your rotisserie chicken as overcooking it might result in the dry and tasteless


Out of the box, the package includes the following:

  • 1x OneGrill Cordless Chrome Motor (2 D Batteries not included)

  • 1x 24" X 5/16" Square Profile Chrome Spit Rod

  • 2x Premium Four Prong Chrome Spit Forks

  • 1x Chrome Universal Bracket Set

  • 1x Premium Contoured Handle

  • 1x 8 oz. Chrome Counter Balance Weight

  • 1x Chrome Locking Washer

  • 1x Chrome Spit Rod Bushing


The cleaning experience was quite good but as always, it’s always better to clean the rods and other removable parts while they’re still hot as it can get difficult to clean when it’s already cold. The chrome enclosure of the motor definitely made it easy to clean up any stains from splashes during the rotisserie cooking process.


If you wish to use this in ambient temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s recommended to use lithium cell batteries for their high output capabilities at low temperatures.

Also, the rotisserie spit rod on this rotisserie kit is definitely shorter in length compared to other rotisserie kits usually bought on the market. Before purchasing this, make sure to check the Application Guide and Installation Manual provided in the Technical Specification to ensure that it fits well and enough for your current grill.


This rotisserie kit includes a 1-year “No Hassle” warranty directly provided by the manufacturer.


This rotisserie kit is made for grills with cook boxes that aren’t too wide (only up to 18 inches) which usually are double burner grills. So, if you’re looking for durable and low maintenance rotisserie kit that has the option to be battery-operated or plugged, capable motor, and solid rotisserie spit rod and, is from a reputable brand, this is the rotisserie kit that should definitely be on your list!