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Onlyfire 29 inch Portable Outdoor Rotisserie Grill Kit (Detailed Honest Review)

Updated: Mar 29

Onlyfire 29 inch Portable Outdoor Rotisserie Grill Kit

For only under $100 USD, this becomes one of the best outdoor rotisserie grill kit available in the market with the completion of the whole rotisserie grill cooking experience which includes the portable DC 3V motor for convenience, 29-inch hexagon rotisserie spit rod, sturdy build, and the 24 x 16 inches cooking grate great for concurrent grilling, right out of the box!

If what you’re planning to roast or rotisserie cook is no longer than 29 inches and weighs less than 15-20 pounds worth of the meat, then this is the best option for you in the market right now. While the motor can only turn around 15-20 pounds on the rotisserie spit rod, the rotisserie spit rod itself is described to be able to carry more than that limit which, overall, is great for roasting rotisserie chicken, turkey, and even larger cuts of pig, lamb, goat, and more!


Built with durable solid steel, it has a black coating to avoid rusting. During the assembly process, it was easy to install, and afterward, it felt sturdy with the dual post support system and it was easy to operate during testing. It includes a 3V battery motor which is run by 2 “D” batteries (the package does not include the batteries).


Right after the easy assembly process and putting on the required 2 “D” batteries, it was basically a plug-and-play experience. With the included cooking grates for grilling and battery motor, if electricity isn’t immediately accessible, it was a convenient rotisserie cooking and grilling experience all at once on the open flames you’ve set right at your backyard or at campgrounds.

Rotisserie cooking-wise, it held great for up to 3 Cornish hens roasted at once, a whole turkey, a whole beef brisket, a whole pork belly, and more options! The included battery motor was able to run each time it was used for around 2-3 hours every use and it ran smoothly without hiccups and surprisingly quiet compared to other motors included in other outdoor rotisserie grill kits. The entire setup was sturdy and stable as it ran the whole cooking course.

Always make sure to balance the food when putting it on the rotisserie spit rod especially on the heavier side at around 15-20 pounds as while the rotisserie spit rod will not struggle at those weights, the motor might struggle to turn improperly balanced meat. You don’t have to worry much as it does include 2 rotisserie forks right out of the box!

As a result, rotisserie chickens, turkeys, pork cuts, and other large cuts of meat came out evenly cooked with juicy tender insides and crispy on the outside! The same goes for grilling on the cooking grates with enough clearance.


Out of the box, it includes the following:

  • 29" Hexagon Spit Rod

  • heavy duty forks

  • bracket set

  • 3V DC battery motor

  • cooking grate

  • hardware (screws and etc.)


As it’s made with steel coated with black paint to avoid rust, cleaning it was rather easy as always, it’s recommended to clean it before it completely cools down as it does get harder to clean the more it cools down.


While this has not happened more recently, there had been cases in the past where the paint had melted due to the fire while cooking. So, it’s always recommended to test the product upon arrival and claim through the return policy or warranty depending on the seller if need be.

If anything else to be reminded of, one should take notice that this has a shorter rotisserie spit rod length compared to other outdoor rotisserie spit rods in the list so if you plan on cooking larger and longer types/cuts of meat, you might want to refer on the other great outdoor rotisserie spit rods in the list.


The included warranty depends on the seller where you brought the rotisserie kit from but Amazon does include free returns within 30 days after purchase.


This outdoor rotisserie grill kit is best for everyone, beginner or not, with the basically plug-and-play experience and most especially its portability without compromising on function and reliability with its durable solid steel dual post system and the included battery motor for its convenience. All this considering you are not looking to roast any food longer than 29 inches. For under $100 USD, this is definitely one to check out first!