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onlyfire 6012 Universal Grill Replacement Rotisserie Kit (Detailed Honest Review)

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

onlyfire 6012 Universal Grill Replacement Rotisserie Kit
onlyfire 6012 Universal Grill Replacement Rotisserie Kit

If your grill has a cook box no more than 39 inches and want that shiny chrome steel look and build on the majority of the rotisserie kit, this could be the right one for you. It includes universal/OEM brackets to fit most grills at your homes and definitely great paired with Broil King, Broil-Mate, Sterling, and GrillPro grills!

With a 45 inches worth of usable rotisserie cooking space on the rotisserie spit rod, you can comfortably fit in 2 whole turkeys, 2 whole chickens, or even large cuts of meat such as pork loins! From many user reviews, it has an advertised capacity of up to 40 pounds which is pretty solid for such a steal price!


Being made from durable chrome steel, it has this good shiny look on it which works all the way from the rotisserie spit rod to the stainless steel motor itself. This creates quite an aesthetic look that definitely complements stainless steel grills. Installing the rotisserie kit on the grill is easy with the included instructions the universal/OEM brackets out of the box.


The first thing you’ll notice is that setting it all up on the grill itself was quick and easy that within around 5 minutes, you can have it set up on your grill already! Putting on the bird or any other large cuts of meat well within the recommended capacity was also seamless with the durable forks and other removable parts. From many user reviews, this rotisserie kit has a recommended capacity of around 15-20 pounds.

Cooking with this rotisserie kit came out amazing. A whole turkey has been tried on for rotisserie cooking and it was perfectly evenly cooked in about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The motor ran quietly, smoothly, and was fully capable of turning the whole turkey at ease. This is definitely great for roasting birds and other large cuts of meat.

Basically a plug and play, you have 36 inches of cable worth to far extend to your house socket without the immediate need for extension cables. Once plugged in, turn on the waterproof switch and you’re basically done!


Out of the box, it includes the following:

  • a steel 1/2" hexagon rotisserie spit rod

  • counterbalance kit

  • heavy duty forks

  • spit handle

  • bracket set

  • electric motor

  • Hardware

  • Instruction


Having that chrome steel material used even on the motor casing makes cleaning much easier such as wiping down the stain and splashes from rotisserie cooking. But, it’s recommended to clean it right after use as it becomes difficult to clean up the mess when it cools down.


Even with the advertised 40-pound weight capacity on the rotisserie kit, it’s definitely much better to follow the recommended capacity which is around 15-20 pounds as from many user reviews. Right above 20 pounds and the motor will start to struggle to turn the weight on the rotisserie spit rod.

As always, make sure to check the compatibility of this rotisserie kit with your current grill to avoid any hassle of returning any item. This does not fit with Weber grills. Measure up your grill and you can always check their website or ask customer service for any further details about the product before purchasing this rotisserie kit.


The included warranty depends on the seller where you brought the rotisserie kit from but Amazon does include free returns within 30 days after purchase.


If you’re planning to have a rotisserie kit that quite the chrome look without having to purchase the more expensive stainless steel rotisserie kits which creates quite an aesthetic look paired on stainless steel grills, and plan to rotisserie cook only up to around the recommended 20 pounds limit, this could the rotisserie kit you’re looking for!