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onlyfire 6022 Heavy Duty Universal Grill Replacement Rotisserie Kit (Detailed Honest Review)

onlyfire 6022 Heavy Duty Universal Grill Replacement Rotisserie Kit
onlyfire 6022 Heavy Duty Universal Grill Replacement Rotisserie Kit

Another onlyfire rotisserie kit, which is a reputable brand to cover most of your cooking and rotisserie cooking needs, created a rotisserie kit made to cover almost all smaller grill sizes of up to 31 inches. It includes universal/OEM brackets to fit most grills at your homes and definitely a great pair with Broil King, Broil-Mate, Sterling, and GrillPro grills!

With a 37-inch rotisserie spit rod, it has 35 inches worth of rotisserie cooking space enough to cover even 2 small chickens, a whole small-sized turkey, or even other large cuts of meat! This rotisserie kit has a 40-pound limit for the motor to turn smoothly and that’s a considerably large capacity for a rotisserie kit.


Made from durable steel and some chrome steel parts such as the rotisserie forks, it makes up for quite a decent build that users claim it to last for years to come without issue. The assembly process wasn’t quite too hard with the included instructions right included in the package.


The quite aesthetic look with chrome steel shine like finish isn’t just for looks as this rotisserie kit delivers what it claims. Upon installation, its design and construction is solid, great quality, and very functional. Basically a plug and play experience, once plugged in, you simply have to turn on the waterproof switch and you’re good to go!

Rotisserie cooking with this rotisserie kit was both easy and seamless. It was easy to put on different kinds of meat from turkey, chickens, and other large cuts like pork and beef. This rotisserie kit works great for even with 2 chickens, small turkeys, and pork loins, all of which have been tested with this rotisserie grill.

Do note that it has a 20-pound recommended weight capacity with naturally imbalanced meats such as pork, beef, and lamb. So, it’s suggested to follow this 20-pound recommended limit to prevent the motor from struggling to turn the meat which could result in an unevenly cooked rotisserie dish.


Out of the box, it includes the following:

  • 1/2'' Hexagon Spit Rod

  • counterbalance kit

  • heavy duty forks

  • spit handle

  • bracket set

  • electric motor

  • Hardware

  • Instruction


The cleaning experience was also quite easy given that you clean it right after use as it becomes more difficult to clean if it cools completely. Overall, with the steel enclosure of the motor and the steel material being used, it was a quick and easy clean up.


It’s recommended to stay within the 20-pound recommended weight capacity limit as more than that will make the motor struggle to turn the meat, especially with unevenly distributed weight.

Make sure to check the compatibility of this rotisserie kit with your current grill to avoid any hassle of returning any item. This does not fit with Weber grills. Measure up your grill and you can always check their website or ask customer service for any further details about the product before purchasing this rotisserie kit.


The included warranty depends on the seller where you brought the rotisserie kit from but Amazon does include free returns within 30 days after purchase.


If what you’re looking for is a rotisserie kit that has durable construction with the stainless steel motor, durable steel rotisserie spit rod and chrome steel parts, stainless steel look to match your current stainless steel grills, and you only plan to rotisserie cook no more than 20 pounds, this is the rotisserie kit for you!