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onlyfire 6033 Universal Rotisserie Kit (Detailed Honest Review)

onlyfire 6033 Universal Rotisserie Kit
onlyfire 6033 Universal Rotisserie Kit

Large grills definitely require longer and larger rotisserie kits to enable us to rotisserie cook larger game effectively and efficiently. This rotisserie kit can bring the rotisserie cooking experience to your grills with a cook box of up to 39 inches, or even up to a cook box up to 47 inches with the rotisserie spit rod extender!

With 45 inches of original rotisserie spit rod length, which is already considerably long, you can make it even more versatile with the use of the included rotisserie spit rod extender which can extend to the entire length of the spit rod to 53 inches! This definitely doesn’t hold you back with the length of the meat you’d love to rotisserie cook! It can hold comfortably hold up to 20 pounds of chicken, turkey or other large cuts of meat!


Made with stainless steel and steel components which includes not only the rotisserie spit rod, rotisserie forks, and other removable parts, but also the casing of the electric motor itself! This makes for quite a durable build which should definitely last long as maintenance becomes easier. With the included universal brackets and instructions, it should fit on most grills within the cook box width limit.


Rotisserie spit rod extenders aren’t a new thing but this takes the cake for being such a versatile rotisserie spit rod length with the inclusion of the 10-inch extender right out of the box! What you would notice first is that the package comes with 3 separate rotisserie spit rods, two of which are 22.75” while the other one, which is the extender, is 10” long. You have the option to screw everything together or just the two 22.75” for the 45-inch configuration of the rotisserie spit rod.

This makes the rotisserie cooking experience hassle-free as the rotisserie kit enables you to have quite a variety of options to choose from when planning the perfect rotisserie dish! Having been tested with rotisserie cooking a 16-pound whole turkey, 2 chickens simultaneously, or large cuts of meat such as pork loins and pork bellies, the motor runs smooth and seamless for hours until it evenly cooked all throughout the meat.


Out of the box, the package includes the following:

  • Two Steel Rotisserie Spit Rod ( Spit Rod A:45", Spit Rod B:10" )

  • Counter Balance Kit

  • Heavy Duty Forks

  • Spit Handle

  • Bracket Set

  • Electric Motor

  • Hardware

  • Instruction


The cleaning experience was great due to the stainless steel build almost all throughout the rotisserie kit. This made wiping off the stains on the motor or even on the rotisserie spit rod from splashes during the cooking process easy.

As always, it still recommended cleaning it right after use or before it completely cools down as it can make cleaning much more difficult.


Though advertised to be able to carry much more, many user reviews have tried setting it up with meat more than 20 pounds and the motor begins to struggle to turn the whole set up.


The included warranty depends on the seller where you brought the rotisserie kit from but Amazon does include free returns within 30 days after purchase.


This rotisserie kit is perfectly made for people who have a grill with a cook box of up to 45 inches and is looking for a versatile rotisserie kit which could also perfectly work with a grill up to 53 inches! This rotisserie kit gives you versatility, easy maintenance, and a capable motor for whole chickens, whole turkeys, and other large cuts of meat. If that checks out your list, this is definitely the one for you!