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VBENLEM Electric 46” Outdoor Rotisserie Grill Kit (Detailed Honest Review)

Updated: Mar 29

VBENLEM Electric 46” Outdoor Rotisserie Grill Kit

With one of the highest-powered motors available in the outdoor rotisserie kits market, the VBENLEM Electric 46” Outdoor Rotisserie Kit offers you a 45W electric motor that’s advertised as being able to handle turning up to 125 pounds (56.7 kilograms), the maximum capacity of the entire rotisserie kite set-up. This definitely makes one of the most capably convenient outdoor rotisserie grills out there.

With a rotisserie spit rod length of 46 inches (117 centimeters), it is capable of carrying the aforementioned very large capacity of 125 pounds and with the included rotisserie accessories, you’ll have no problem putting on and roasting multiple whole chickens and turkeys, and even small whole pigs, goats, and lamb!


Built with stainless steel material, you can’t go wrong with this lasting in the long run. Other customers also reviewed this outdoor rotisserie kit being very heavy duty and as its stainless steel, it’s rust and corrosion resistant making it a very solid build. It’s also stable with its 2 freestanding X-shaped bases. Its motor is rated at 45W and is 110V.


With the capable 45W motor and the adjustable heights into 8 different levels, you can assure a flexible and hassle-free outdoor rotisserie cooking experience. Since we’re cooking on an outdoor rotisserie kit with an open flame, being able to adjust the height to quite a range, from 17 inches to 31 inches, you can assure more of the cooking process especially the time it takes and how thorough has gone through the meat for it to cook.

While it is advertised to be able to carry up to 125 pounds (56.7 kilograms), it’s recommended to keep the weight of the meat to be cooked at around 50-60 pounds (22.7 – 27.2 kilograms). This is because while the rotisserie spit rod and the set-up is capable of carrying that much weight, the 45W motor still struggles to turn beyond that weight range, especially if the meat is not properly balanced all throughout the rotisserie kit.

Turning the motor on, it turns in one, clockwise, direction the 1-inch square shaped thick, 46-inch rotisserie spit rod smoothly without any hiccups.

As also mentioned by other users, this outdoor rotisserie kit worked as expected aside from the recommended weight range but it was very easy and convenient to cook on. After the assembly, it was basically a plug-and-play experience.


Out of the box, it includes the following:

1 x Set of BBQ Rotisserie Grill

1 x Motor

2 x Forks

2 x Cylinder Jackets


Considering its stainless steel construction, even on the motor enclosure, it was very easy to clean and maintain in the long run as it’s also rust-resistant. Quick wipes do the job but it’s always recommended to not leave it overnight or you’ll risk stains and other residues to stick.


Do note that while it’s advertised to be able to carry up to 125 pounds (56.7 kilograms), it’s recommended to keep the weight around 50-60 pounds (22.7 – 27.2 kilograms) or else you’ll be struggling to turn the weight around, especially if the weight of the meat is not evenly distributed throughout the rotisserie spit rod.


The included warranty depends on the seller where you brought the rotisserie kit from but Amazon does include free returns within 30 days after purchase.


If what you’re looking for is a long-lasting and capable outdoor rotisserie kit that can offer you a convenient and flexible cooking experience at a decent price, then this one could be the one for you. Do note about the difference between the advertised and the recommended weight range and you’ll be fine and you don’t have to worry about anything in whatever rotisserie cooking adventure you’re going to take!