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VEVOR 132-pound/60kg Charcoal Rotisserie Grill (Detailed Honest Review)

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The VEVOR 132-pound/60kg Charcoal Rotisserie Grill
The VEVOR 132-pound/60kg Charcoal Rotisserie Grill

Charcoal Rotisserie Grills definitely comes in various sizes but if you’re one looking for a decent-sized Charcoal Rotisserie Grill at a decent price, you can definitely put the VEVOR 132-pound/60kg Charcoal Rotisserie Grill on your list.

With overall dimensions of 46.46 x 17.22 x 31.5 inches, it has a 33.8 x 16.5 inches worth of cooking/grilling space. Along with it comes a Rotisserie Spit Rod with a length of 43.3 inches which is capable of roasting large meats up to 132 pounds or 60 kilograms. Its motor is rated at 28 Watts, rotates at 4 RPM, and has a capability of about 77 pounds.


This Charcoal Rotisserie Grill has a stainless steel construction which makes up for quite solid parts. Out of the box, it contains all the parts for assembly which isn’t really too hard to assemble if you’ve experienced even a bit of furniture assembly because there’s a catch. It doesn’t include the assembly instructions for it which is quite a shock to those who are new.


Cooking and Rotisserie with the VEVOR 132-pound/60kg Charcoal Rotisserie Grill
Cooking and Rotisserie with the VEVOR 132-pound/60kg Charcoal Rotisserie Grill

Cooking experience-wise, it did pretty well with a 50-pound pig for rotisserie. You can expect this to do the job that you expect a standard charcoal rotisserie grill should be able to. Everything about the rotisserie and grill worked and turned out fine.

The pig also turned out great given enough time to roast. I’d recommend this for meats for up to only around 60-70 pounds as the motor could struggle heavier meats even if the rotisserie spit rod can handle more weight.

You can easily take off the rotisserie attachments if you wish to do other cooking activities such as grilling or barbequing other types of meats such as hotdogs, steaks, and more.


Inside the package includes the following:

  • The electric motor of 60 kg capability

  • 1 x Roaster Main Body

  • 1 x Set of Foot Frame and Wheels

  • 1 x Roasting Fork Set

  • 3 x Grills

  • Roasting roller grill fork

  • The foot frame of roaster body

  • Other main accessories like link components


Its stainless steel construction makes up for an easier clean, plus its given resistance to rust. The grills are also chrome plated so that helps with the washing up.


There are claims where the bottom grates where the lumps of charcoal pile up get warped after extensive use so you might have to replace it after some time. Some users also experienced missing parts during the assembly, so be sure to check your unit and contact the seller immediately if needed. Do note that there are no assembly instructions included so it might take some help during the building process.


In a nutshell, this is your run of the mill charcoal rotisserie grill that’s both decent is size and decent in price, hence its dependability. You’re getting what you paid for.

If you’re looking to rotisserie roast a whole pig or anything no more than 60-70 pounds for a decent price, this could be the charcoal rotisserie grill for you.